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11 June 2024

My philosophy:

‘Alone we go faster, together we go further’.

My role as Logistics Technician at SEGULA :

I’m on assignment for Stellantis at the Belchamp site.
My role is to :
> Respond to customer (Stellantis) requests.
> Manage the stock of parts to supply the test technicians’ benches, so that they can carry out the tests in good conditions.
> Arrange the layout of the various shops.
> Implementing and rolling out stock management software and installing scanners to manage the flow of incoming and outgoing parts.
> Manage the receipt and dispatch of parcels in France and abroad according to customer requirements.
> Proposing solutions, trying to be as responsive as possible.

My training:

I have a CQp Concrete Plant Manager and a BEP automotive mechanics, and various diplomas in the military field (logistics and management).

My professional experience:

After an apprenticeship in car mechanics, I joined the army in transport and logistics for 10 years. With a wealth of experience in management and logistics gained in France and abroad, after leaving the army I switched to logistics and scheduling, manufacturing and delivering fresh concrete to various construction sites.
After fifteen years in this field, I continued my career in logistics at Amazon before joining SEGULA in May 2023.

My best project:

My best project is to have enabled real-time visualisation of warehouse stock levels (around 1,800 vehicle parts and adaptations), which is vital for preparing for trials in good conditions.

Stellantis put their trust in me and let me manage this project from A to Z. I reorganised the shops and deployed the GSM management software to manage stock movements by simply scanning barcodes using a handheld scanner.

My hobbies:

Archery and spending quality time with family and friends.

My greatest dream:

World peace.

What skills or qualities do you consider essential for success in your field?

In my opinion, it’s essential to be well organised and to have good interpersonal skills.
You also need to be proactive so that you can resolve any problems quickly while remaining calm.

Do you have any advice or recommendations for young professionals who want to follow a career similar to yours at SEGULA?

Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not trying.
Defeats are obstacles that life puts in front of us to toughen us up and make us even stronger!
‘With great attempts, even failures are glorious’ – Bruce Lee

What I appreciate most about SEGULA:

It’s a family-run group with an international reach, a human company, close to its employees and its customers.

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