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2 July 2024
  • My philosophy

My philosophy of life is based on action and determination. For me, it’s essential to define precise objectives and work diligently to achieve them. I’m convinced that perseverance is essential and that you should never give up, even in the face of challenges.

  • My role at SEGULA

As TAS Project Manager, I’m responsible for planning, costs and quality. As such, I’m involved at a number of levels:

  • Project planning and definition:
    • Definition of objectives: clearly defining the project’s objectives in collaboration with the business units.
    • Drawing up the project plan: setting up the schedule, clarifying the deliverables, defining the resources required and the project deadlines.
  • Resource management: defining requirements and ensuring the availability of human, material and financial resources.
  • Monitoring and coordination
    • Progress monitoring: ensuring that the project is progressing according to the initial plan, and making any necessary adjustments.
    • Team coordination: ensuring coordination between the various teams (Design, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Commissioning, Quality, etc.) involved in the project.
    • Subcontractor management: managing relations with suppliers and subcontractors, including negotiating contracts.
  • Budget management
    • Cost management: monitoring expenditure and budget reframing.
    • Financial forecasting: preparing financial forecasts.
  • Communication / coordination
    • Progress: preparing and presenting progress to the project team and management.
    • Project meetings: organising and leading project meetings to ensure communication and collaboration between team members.
  • My training

After a scientific baccalauréat and two years of preparatory classes, I decided to study engineering at the Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Electricité et de Mécanique (ENSEM), specialising in mechanical design and manufacturing. I graduated in 2005, and this training enabled me to acquire the skills needed as a design engineer: design techniques, industrial production and project management.

  • My professional experience

I started my career as a design engineer at DAHER SOCATA (Société pour la construction d’avions de tourisme et d’affaires), where I quickly demonstrated the managerial skills that enabled me to progress to the position of manager of a team of five engineers. I was responsible for coordinating studies, preparing industrial files and digital assemblies. Attracted by the field of industrialisation, I then joined a subsidiary of an American automotive equipment manufacturer. My responsibilities included setting up production resources (assembly and finishing tools), ensuring product-process compatibility and managing investment budgets.

After these rich and multidisciplinary experiences, I wanted to get involved in the production of industrial resources, mainly for the automotive industry. I joined 3DEC, where I was responsible for the entire process: from the expression of the customer’s needs to the development of the preliminary project, including the study and design, production, installation and fine-tuning.

These technical and management experiences led to an opportunity at ASSYSTEM as Project Manager. During this period, I led a transformation of the traditional model (AT) into a UO model and deliverables. This transformation required me to mobilise all my knowledge and skills to support the project teams, resulting in a major success.

I joined SEGULA in January 2023.

  • My best project

This was my very first project involving the creation of an industrial plasma cutting facility.
Although it was a small project, I put an enormous amount of energy and personal commitment into it. The project team was incredibly cohesive, which meant that every stage ran smoothly and with remarkable efficiency. This experience taught me the crucial importance of team selection and cohesion.

  • My passions

I have a passion for film, which fuels my creativity and helps me to develop an analytical mind for stories and characters.
I also love gardening. It’s an activity that has taught me patience and the importance of long-term planning.

  • My greatest dream

My biggest dream is to play a key role in transforming our industry towards more sustainable practices. I feel that working here at SEGULA brings me closer to this goal, as I am passionate about the industry and the development of new production technologies that we are leading, and I am determined to make a significant contribution to our mission.

  • What skills or qualities do you consider essential for success in your field?

    • Technical skills: in-depth knowledge of industrial processes and the technologies used.
    • Project management skills: mastery of project management techniques, including planning, monitoring and control.
    • Communication: excellent communication skills to interact with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Do you have any advice or recommendations for young professionals wishing to follow a career similar to yours at SEGULA?

    • Get a solid education
    • Develop technical and managerial skills
    • Improve your communication skills
  • What I appreciate most about SEGULA

The teams I’ve met throughout the projects, The support and backing of my superiors, which means that issues can be dealt with quickly and at the right level.

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