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Multi Sectors
Project Engineer (ICM Cockpit)
Bucharest, Romania
Product Engineering

Job Description

  • Prepare project timing, planning and tracking of all related activities

    -        Steering of material and part management for this project

    -        Support Tests of these new parts

    -        Coordinate all test activities with test houses

    -        Planning, follow up and tracking of all development and validation activities

    -        Documentation and follow up of program performance and timing status 

    -        Provide input into PLM / Altis / 3DCom and DOCINFO Info system as required

    -        Industrialization of these new parts

    -        Investigation of part failures

    -        Develop product improvements together with part suppliers and the O/V organization.

    -        Validation of part changes according functional and durability requirements.

    -        Management of manufacturing assembly try outs and trial runs on changed parts.

    -        Design release on parts changed or modified for higher quality, based on legal and O/V requirements.

    -        Define Root Cause and Containment and serial solution, benchmark competitor solutions (material & concept).

    -        Initiate ECR (TWO), Update PLM/initiate EWO, ALTIS, 3DCOM and drive implementation in PSA plant.

    -        Provide, track and update detailed Timing.

    -        Control Costs and manage 

    -        Provide views and sections

    -        Support if it is an Interface Issue

    -        Support PRF items, ideas and targets

    -        PIV Plan update, execution & control for all quality driven changes according

    -        Report all project related deliverables to the CP (Charge de projet) who is the project manager of the respective scope or subsystem. He is attending the SMT-meeting of the CP.

    -        Support to define the scope with the project in PORO-meetings in order to establish the BOM. He is applying for the respective partnumbers (NPPA).

    -        Supporting the Engineering Leaders (PE) with any change of the BOM through BOM commission.

    -        Support and enables to meet the defined diversity targets.

    -        Support to validate the quality targets (IQx).

    -        Support with technical expertise cost engineering during the PORO-process.

    -        Manage the technical concept choice (ICA).

    -        Manage the RFQ-process. The main task is his technical assessment and the completion of the package.

    -        Ensure that the QCDP (quality, cost, timing, performance)-targets of his scope will be achieved.

    -        Leading the design phase. Establishing weekly meetings with with the supplier.

    -        Cross functional Communication with purchasing, program team, and affected departments.

    -        Responsible for meeting deadline targets managed by the CP.

    -        Entering the APQP-grids in PLM / Release System.

    -        Provide entry data and deliverables for the interface management in PLM.

    -        Support engineering Leader (PE) with styling related topics to assure styling convergence in time and enables the CP to manage potential risks and deviations.

    -        Manage CTF/PCP / RCM evaluation and check and control that the supplier feedback is in line with the requirements of the SMT and project.

    -        Responsible for the change request followed in PLM. Attend to the GDM (change) meetings. Manage product evolution with ME and / or the supplier. Participating in the monthly meetings lead by purchasing.

    -        Responsible and support with Technical Lead that the design scope meets all corporate technical standards and works together with the Engineering leaders (PE) to guarantee the robustness of the PLM data.

    -        Responsible for release process (RT/RAL) in PLM. Manage release in time with help / escalation to CP.

    -        Provide technical kick-offs of responsible parts according to the schedule after purchasing confirmed in the TKO-meeting the readiness and provided the purchase orders.

    -        Checking and ensure that the performance targets are met with the PIV (validation plan) as the tool and manages all deviations with the supplier.


  • A successfully completed degree in the field of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering

  • Experience in the area of interior/exterior trims

  • Knowledge of PLM software in a plus

  • Experience in project work and in dealing with OEM's

  • Fluent knowledge of English and preferable German

  • Team-oriented, independent and self-reliant way of working

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