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Electronique - Logiciel - Digital
Fixed term
Greensboro, United States

Digital Modeler - VR Specialist

Job Description

  • Work with both low poly and high poly 3D.
  • Understand the workflow from 3D surfaces to meshes.
  • Master the basics of unwrapping and texturing processes on both hard surface and organic geometries.
  • Understand, write and optimize complex shaders in Unreal Engine.
  • Work with Blueprints in Unreal Engine.
  • Create photorealistic materials and scene lightings in Unreal Engine.
  • Question present workflows and propose new ideas.
  • Prototype concepts and interpret feedback.


  •  2-3+ years of experience as a VR Artist within an; Automotive, Product, Architecture, or Industrial Design Studio.
  • Highly proficient in Unreal Engine, familiar in every aspect of the content creation pipeline.
  •  Good understanding of real time 3D engines optimization.
  • Basic understanding of computer programing.


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Company Description

Do you want to shape the world of tomorrow and work on innovative projects? Then you're a good fit for us! We are a global engineering group with 15,000 employees and 140 locations worldwide. With our services, we are driving the topics of energy efficiency, climate protection and decarbonization and developing tech industries into new dimensions.

In the United States, the world of SEGULA Technologies Experts revolves around industries such as automotive, software, energy and life sciences. As an independent player, we support OEMs and suppliers with personal engineering services. Take advantage of new opportunities and take on exciting tasks and attractive positions with direct customer assignment.

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