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System Validation Engineer
Turin, Italy
Unbefristeter Arbeitsvertrag
Electrical/Electronical/Automation Engineering

Job Description

System Validation Engineer shall have:

  • Pro-activeness in solving blocking problems (preferred)
  • Positive attitude when facing organizational issues or lack of information (preferred)
  • Result-driven behavior
  • The ability to work in a team and individually
  • The ability to work under pressure and towards tight deadlines
  • Fluent English language, spoken and written
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to liaise with a variety of stakeholders

Technical skills

System Validation Engineer shall have:

  • > 2 years working experience in product engineering
  • Strong knowledge of CAN (full ISO 11898 document) and LIN protocols
  • Strong knowledge of UDS specifications (ISO 14229 document)
  • Proven experience in using Vector devices (CANcase, CANstress, etc)
  • Proven experience in developing software, panels and scripts for automatic testing in Vector environment (CANoe)
  • Ability to quickly read and understand automotive specifications of different kinds of electronic products
  • Ability to write clear test-cases in order to fully cover the detection of SW/HW/system weaknesses, starting from product specifications
  • Ability to use various laboratory instruments: oscilloscopes, function generators, programmable power supplies, active electrical loads, etc
  • Ability to write clear and detailed reports of the performed tests
  • Basic knowledge of National Instrument devices and Labview environment
  • Basic ability to sold electronic components on PCBs and to assemble simple electronic circuits
  • Basic ability to connect electronic circuits with measurement systems and with system under test in order to mount a suitable test-bench for test-case execution

Task description

Typical daily work includes:

  • Meeting with project team to understand the scope of projects
  • Study of general product specifications and of specific requirements
  • Working on multiple projects at one time
  • Writing test-cases in order to cover product requirements
  • Designing tests to mitigate risk
  • Developing software, panels and scripts to automatize the testing
  • Developing and assembling the test-bench
  • Executing test-cases, manually and/or automatically
  • Writing detailed bug reports for internal project team
  • Writing detailed test reports and clear validation documentation for the customer
  • Working towards departmental and project deadlines
  • Quality assurance
  • Providing objective feedback to software development project teams
  • Travelling to different project sites
  • Liaising with project teams in other parts of the world


System Validation Engineer has to work with:

  • Testlink (for test-case development, test-case execution tracking, test-report generation)
  • Vector tools (CANalyzer, CANoe, CANstress, CANape, etc)
  • N.I. Labview
  • C and CAPL languages
  • Redmine (for tracking of assigned activities)




Electronic Engineering (preferred)

Computer Engineering

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Company Description

SEGULA Technologies Italy is an engineering consulting company that deals with the design, development and production of the product. SEGULA Technologies collaborates with its customers developing ambitious projects both in House and in Time & Material within different business sectors, such as: Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Rail, Industrial Automation, Biomedical, Energy and Oil & Gas. Provides the best of international engineering, locally. Why choose SEGULA Technologies? To become part of a constantly growing reality and with a projection towards the future! In SEGULA Technologies you will have the opportunity to work on different projects, within a company that is at the center of innovation and that has an internal staff of over 10.000 employees. What are you waiting for? Join us. SEGULA Technologies gives space to your talent!

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