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Essai - Homologation et validation
Bucharest, Romania

Battery Durability Tester

Job Description

  • Contribute to On-board Strategy Design: Collaborate with the team to contribute ideas and insights for designing on-board strategies to monitor battery aging, based on a basic understanding of battery technology and aging processes.

  • Participate in Aging Model Development: Assist in the development and simulation of aging models for batteries, under the guidance of senior engineers

  • Support Design Validation Plans: Provide support in the development and review of validation plans for monitoring battery aging strategies, helping to ensure alignment with project goals and objectives.

  • Understand Chemical Degradation Mechanisms: Have a basic understanding of the chemical mechanisms of battery degradation for different battery chemistries, with guidance from senior engineers.

  • Contribute to Parameter Identification: Assist in analyzing data to identify influential parameters and sensitivity laws affecting battery aging, providing support to senior engineers in optimization efforts.

  • Participate in Competitive Analysis: Support the team by participating in competitive analysis studies on battery durability, assisting with data collection and analysis under the direction of senior engineers.


  • University Degree (Master of Science) Engineering e.g. mechanical
  • Minimum 2-3  years of experience in system engineering design, development and/or testing
  • Mandatory Software tools : Python / MATLAB ( Simulink )
  • Experience with MS Office Tools
  • Excellent English knowledge
  • Basic Know-how of battery technologies 
  • Know-how on system engineering standards
  • Know-how on vehicle development  processes
  • Functioning principles of engineering propulsion systems


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Company Description

Join the world of the future in a fast growing international company! 
At SEGULA Technologies you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and help shaping the future within an engineering company which is at the heart of innovation. From 3D printing, augmented reality, connected vehicle to the factory of the future – new technologies are part of our 13,000 ingenious collaborators’ day-to-day life. Would you like to join in? 
Whether you are a student, young graduate, engineer or experienced project manager, at SEGULA Technologies you will find the opportunity to give a new meaning to your career. Skills development is a big part of SEGULA Technologies’ DNA, the company offers the possibility to move between sectors and positions, as well as attractive geographic mobility opportunities. 
SEGULA Technologies is always looking for new, ingenious, and daring talents worldwide to support all the major industrial actors within the automotive, aeronautics, energy, railway, naval, oil & gas and pharmaceutical sectors. 
Do you have a touch of genius? Take a new challenge and join us! 

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