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Testimony 30 June 2021
Pina I. - Vado Ligure Pole Manager

Pina I. - Vado Ligure Pole Manager

What is your current position at SEGULA?

I am Pole Manager of the Vado Ligure site since 1 year.


What have you done before?

Before this position I was Manager for vehicle & system engineering for SEGULA from 2019 and before I was Vehicle and System engineering manager within Bombardier (since 2011).


What is your background? (studies, cities…)

I have an Electrical Engineering Master Degree obtained in Genoa’s University


How/when did you decide to become an engineer?

It was a destiny sign, when I was child I used to make small trains by assembling the tricycle attached to the truck and I was very angry when the truck didn’t run properly… I always liked to study the best way to solve problems!

I’m fascinated from science, physics matters since high school, I’m passionate for astronomy and electromagnetic phenomena. Being a person who likes everything concrete, I decided that the best choice would be the faculty of engineering, especially electrical engineering, where I could learn to apply theory and practice.


What do you like about working in the rail sector

It is very interesting and never boring!

The technologies are wide and you never know everything, there is always something to learn.


What challenges do you face at SEGULA?

Challenging tasks, a new entrepreneurial attitude, learning different ways of promoting our expertise on the market as service company, more focus on cost analysis.


What do you like about your position today? Do you have any successes to share with us?

What I like most about my job is the freedom of management and enterprise, learning about different areas that are not purely technical.

We could cooperate with several new Railway clients and Railway Operators, we are indeed recognised for our seniority and expertise. I am very enthusiastic about our future development and challenges to come.


What is your biggest dream? (personal or professional)

My biggest Dream? To cooperate with all the most important Railway key players in Europe and Worldwide.



Special focus on our rail expertise/Vado Ligure site:


How has the Vado Ligure business unit evolved since SEGULA took it over 2 years ago?

After a first adjustment phase the Team has been stabilized and now is in the growing phase. The team is now fully capable of serving all projects and working on future activities, looking for further challenges.


What has been the impact of the Covid and economic crisis?

The team was flexible enough to adapt the new situation of smart working. We were already used to work remotely with many teams around Europe and cross countries. The Railway sector had smooth slow down but is now restarting fully.


What is the strategy for the development of our Vado Ligure business unit?

The strategy is to secure the current competences having more than 20 experience in Railway sector, grow the expertise of the team both in number and in competence and diversifying the clients in Railway sector, last but not least grow our visibility.

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