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Testimony 15 July 2021
Meet with the Vado Ligure Team

Meet with the Vado Ligure Team

How are the rail teams in Italy distributed?

Our Italian Rail Team have a staff of 70 experts included 50 people in our SEGULA Vado Ligure Pole that is one of the Group major Railway Center and people in our Pole in Rome and Turin.


What are their expertise?

Our Italian Teams have expertise in: Vehicle & System engineering, Physical Integration engineering and Industrialization engineering, TCMS engineering, Hardware & Software Design, Authorisation management and engineering, Vehicle and TCMS Testing, Design Quality insurance, Change & configuration engineering, Project Management.


Could you tell us more about our Railway activities and clients in Italy?

SEGULA Italy owns a Railway knowhow to design any railway vehicles (Trains, Metro, Loco etc..) along the entire “V cycle” of development including warranty, and services activities like refurbishment and maintenance.

We are working both for National and International environment for some of the major players in the railway market. Our customers are both vehicle manufacturers and sub-assembly manufacturers, but also Railway operators and Notified Body (i.e. Assessors).

We also work in close cooperation with other railways center of SEGULA (in Saragozza and Canada).


How is the atmosphere between the teams?

Team spirit is our view, together we can achieve better results, “Union is Strength”, as is often said. We truly believe in it!

This is probably, in our opinion, one of the most important key of our success.


Do you practice extra-professional activities all together?

Because of the COVID this phase is only postponed.

In the past, we have already set up extra-professional activities and this has created a lot of harmony between people and had an immediate influence on the way we all work together.

The aim is to have team building activities like football, beach volleyball, sailing etc… Each team building activity will be promoted as soon as possible when the health situation allows us to do so safely.

As a pole manager, I think that these activities are very important and useful to further unite an already close-knit team.

One more element to guarantee to our customers our ability to form a team ready to take on any challenge!


The plus SEGULA 

1/ Our expertise in the Railway sector: our goal now is to export our Italian rail know-how and expertise worldwide with our team.

2/ Our flexibility: that able the us to work efficiently remotely. We were already used to working remotely with many teams in Europe and other countries.

The rail industry has been in a gradual downturn, but is now fully recovered and we are ready to take on any challenge!

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