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Testimony 29 June 2021
Lucas L. – Design engineer in the field of biotechnologies

Lucas L. – Design engineer in the field of biotechnologies

My philosophy:
“Innovation comes from creative destruction.” Yoshihisa Tabuchi


My role at SEGULA Technologies:
I am a design engineer at SEGULA Technologies in the field of biotechnologies, meaning the application of science and technology to living organisms. Specifically, I work together with a lab in Lyon (3d.FAB), one of the Group’s partners, who give me access to a complete environment (3D printers, P2 lab, cell culture, mechanical and thermal analyses). This partnership currently allows me to develop a vascular regenerative medicine project based on producing an arterial substitute which incorporates deterioration of the material used, the polymer and controlled cell regeneration. Everything is done by 3D printing as part of a patient-specific approach (meaning case by case). This project targets patients with vascular conditions such as stenosis (narrowing of arteries) or aneurysms (enlargement of arteries).


Professional experience:
I completed my engineering degree in 2019, finishing my course with an internship at 3d.FAB. It was on this internship that I became really interested in these emerging biotechnologies such as bioprinting. There is still a lot to be learned in this field which I find particularly motivating! At SEGULA, I have been able to start work on specific and topical subjects around the human (it is a real pleasure for a biologist to work on human cells!). The aim is to develop medical equipment that can quickly enter the market.

After a scientific baccalaureate, I studied a bioengineering degree at a technology university to gain practical skills in a lab. I then went to an engineering school in Paris (EPISEN) for biomedical training which included an exchange semester in China before joining SEGULA.


My best project:
During my end-of-course internship, my team and I won a hackathon organised by the MIT in Paris on the theme of oncology (medical speciality of studying, diagnosing and treating cancers) which we were extremely proud of. Once my current research project is completely finished, I think I will also consider that to be my best project! I am also very excited and curious about what lies ahead for me.


My greatest passion:
I am fascinated by the complexity of human physiology, and more generally by the different processes that make this machine work so well.


My biggest dream:
I would love to be able to start my own company based on a breakthrough technology for understanding and regenerating the body. I aspire to be one of the people who, I hope, will one day make access to treatment a right and a reality for all.

The best thing at SEGULA:

SEGULA as a group is very open to innovation, especially and more recently in the field of biotechnology. This trust that the company puts in me helps me to maintain a high level of stimulation, and I dare say, really enjoy my work!

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