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Testimony 29 April 2021
Eole M. - Product designer prototyper and style modeller

Eole M. - Product designer prototyper and style modeller

My role at SEGULA Technologies:

I’m a Product designer prototyper VR (Virtual Reality) and style modeller in the automotive department. This means that I model ideas and create interactions with them in virtual reality. In this way, our customers can see the progress of the project (concept car, etc.) thanks to virtual reality and change, for example, the colour of the vehicle, the interior design or even sit in it.


My professional experience:

I joined SEGULA in January 2019. Previously, I worked as a 3D Modeller for the PSA Group and as a Body Line Modeller for the Renault Group.


My training:

I started with a BTS (vocational training certificate) in Communication and Graphics Industry from Estienne (Paris 13), I then studied for a Performing Arts Degree at Paris 8.

After graduating, I chose to go to Canada to follow a specialism in Scenography at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal).

Once back in Paris, I moved towards a degree specialising in “3D Modelling” at Strate design college in Sèvres (Paris).


My best project:

I’ve worked on many projects. Two projects for which I won a competition had a particular impact on me:

  • R-M Color & Design Contest in 2016: in collaboration with a designer, my role was to design a physical model of a Mercedes concept car and to research and create the colour in conjunction with R-M (a quality paint manufacturer).
  • Disrupt 2030 in 2019: SEGULA internal ideas competition – I devised i – a smart textile that prevents or absorbs impact when an elderly person falls and warns the family and emergency services instantly.

My greatest passion:

Discovering and being a part of new technologies or video games that allow you to better read three-dimensional volumes and inspire you.


My biggest dream: 

To create my own company in new technologies, with France’s best tech experts.


The best thing at SEGULA

There is a good atmosphere and great team spirit within the DESIGN team. We get the chance to suggest ideas to develop our BU and say what we think.

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