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Manufacturing Quality Technician
Ellesmere Port, United Kingdom

Job Description

The activity includes the processing of quality problems and their troubleshooting in the environment of electrics/electronic components in order to ensure a planned construction of the vehicles in all development phases of the project.

This includes the functional failure analysis of the vehicle on the production line, as well as the provision  of complete and reliable information for the development team (internal or supplier) for the  problems encountered in order  to clearly identify  the cause of the fault and to develop corrective measures.

Temporary short-term solutions will also be proposed and the necessary repairs will be carried out on the affected vehicles. These include, for example: Updating the ECU software, replacing a damaged connector, repairing or replacing a damaged wiring harness, replacing a sensor/actuator.

Furthermore, the factory team must inform about the remedial measures to avoid the recurrence of errors on subsequent vehicles.


  • At least 3 years of professional experience in the development of ECUs and safe handling when flashing software, as well as error reading and analysis.
  • Knowledge of vehicle diagnostics.
  • Advanced understanding of complex technical concepts as well as their advantages/disadvantages and effects on the product.
  • Advanced knowledge for the integration of the components into vehicle concept.
  • Experience in the vehicle development process.
A career as fulfilling as it's inspiring
Exciting training to never stop learning
A community that listens to your ideas
The respect of your work/life balance

Company Description

Join the world of the future in a fast-growing international company! At SEGULA Technologies you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and help shaping the future within an engineering company which is at the heart of innovation. From 3D printing, augmented reality, connected vehicle to the factory of the future – new technologies are part of our 10 000 ingenious employees’ day-to-day life.

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